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ABUSSUAN means “Family or Brotherhood”. It unites the world by building a bridge of Music, Business, Art and Culture between all continents. We are Promoting Hope, Love and Education through Cultural Exchange.


Come and celebrate the cultural and linguistic diversity of our community at the Annual ABUSSUAN festival. It will be a day of free family-friendly fun with all-day entertainment: music, dance, song, arts, food and much more….

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The Brotherhood

Come ! Join Us, It’s a brotherhood and family festival !!!

We bring something special

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 The ABUSSUAN  Music &  Arts Festival has a very Special Platform for Business Exchange 


An exciting Fashion Show Runway with the latest Top International Designers


Incredible Artists  will be lining up to showcase the spirit of world Music


The event features different  styles and designs as well as art installations and sculptures

Cultural Parade

The Abussuan Annual Cultural Parade in Hollywood /Los Angeles  


AMAF International Food gives us the opportunity to taste some of the best dishes 



Festival 2020

Live interaction with a crowd is a cathartic, spiritual kind of exchange, and it’s intensified at a festival.
“Trent Reznor”

“Music,Business & Arts for the whole world”

A.T. King-Nat Africa Jr