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September 27th, 2019 | September 28th, 2019


The Abussuan music and arts festival is to create meaningful connections between culture, community groups, artists, and audiences by offering music-related events, programs, and an annual festival. The executive strives to fulfill its mission to foster a participatory creative culture through popular music and arts festival concerts, arts program, experiential learning and volunteer opportunities for all  ages especially young people.


Abussuan music and arts festival is an enduring community celebration which enriches our culture through music. The festival will inspire the world as a dynamic and beautiful global city for creativity and innovation with safe and connected communities. We fundamentally believe that popular music is a vital force and that young people and adults have the ability and right to shape their culture.


The purpose of Abussuan music and arts festival is to develop  a global community where arts are encouraged and promoted in Los Angeles/ Hollywood .CA. Abussuan music and arts festival can be a showcase for the various art forms in and around Los Angeles. Also, Abussuan will bring in outside worldwide performers and art forms not currently represented within the area.


Abussuan music and arts festival values participation in music and arts to bring people together and to encourage creative and personal expression and development. We value the contribution that young people make to popular music and arts. We value also all-ages, cross-generational skill sharing, and power sharing. We value volunteerism as a powerful aspect of community building, the power of learning new skills to enhance personal growth, civic engagement and political activism, collaboration with individuals and organizations that share our goals with cultural independence and artistic expression. We value also responsiveness to current art trends, youth culture and community input by being open and inviting to all those who wish to attend and participate in a safe and free environment and organizational transparency.


The Abussuan Music and Art Festival is a celebration of music,fashion, and culture.We provide an incredible platform where international music is exposed to an American audience.

With the objective of stimulating international trade through our business forum and cultural exchange events, Abussuan will attract a plethora of
international dignitaries, royalties, political leaders, businesses, creators from Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood, influencers, and tastemakers.

Founded by the “In God We Trust” Taskforce and Abussuan Production will stand as a premier event destination in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

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