APPLICATION # 1 for participant for ONLY one (1) day or event.
Deadline: August 30, 2021
I am applying for the 1st Annual Abussuan Music and Arts Festival and by signing this
application, I agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth. (Payment should be made in cash, money order, certified check .NO personal checks will be accepted) to Abussuan Music and Arts Festival. Mail or hand deliver to:
2904 W. 129th Place, Gardena, California 90249. Applicants who cancel before August 30, 2021 will ONLY be refunded 40% of their fee. There will be NO refund for cancellation after August 30, 2021.

Dear Valued Vendors The celebration of hope, love, education and family, the 1st Annual Abussuan Music and Arts Festival  will take place at 700 Exposition Park, Exposition Park, Los Angeles, California 90037 on September 27, 2021 from 12:00P.M.- 11:00P.M., come rain or shine, produced by Abussuan Music and Arts Festival . Abussuan Music and Arts Festival  is an annual Music celebration. ABUSSUAN is an outdoor event that provides opportunities to showcase outstanding work form fine artists, crafters, fashion and jewelry designers, and food artists. The festival provides a platform to display and sell products to customers who love and appreciate fine and unique hand-crafted goods, jewelry, fashionable clothing and sumptuous foods as well as enjoying great music. Learning and sharing our achievements of excellence. “ABUSSUAN” booth fee is: $185.00 for general and $250.00 for food vendors. (No discount, late fee and or application fee apply). Payment must be made in full when submitting the application. NB: ONLY 40% refund will be issued for cancellation before August 30, 2021, NO REFUND will be issued for cancellation AFTER August 30,2021.

Fine Artists* Fashion Designers            *1 Days $ 185.00 ** Sharing $285.00

Jewelry & Craft Vendors                         *1 Day $100.00

Food Vendor must comply with all Environmental   *$250.00

Health Department Regulations                           

Corporate Vendors                            * $1,250.00

Non-Profit Org./ Information Tables * $100.00

Please read the attached information carefully. Fill out and return the attached application to secure your place. Spaces are very limited. We must meet city requirements, DEADLINES and your payment MUST be received in our marketing and promotion campaign via website, Facebook, Twitter, newspaper, radio and TV spots.We look forward to your participation and are here to answer any questions you may have. Sincerely,


Helen P. Amea                                  Tamoh Amoa

(323)356-9063 phone                      (310) 329-6977

(310)817-4762 fax                            (323) 356- 9063           

Abussuan Music and Arts Festival : 2904 West 129th Place, Gardena, California 90246

(310) 329-6977- (323) 356-9063 – fax (310) 817-4762



     Full payment of $185.00/ $285.00 Share (2 days) or $100.00 (1 day) for merchandise, $250.00

     For food vendors, $1,250.00 for Corporations, or $100.00 for Non-Profits/Information, must Accompany your application. No personal or business checks will be accepted. Only cash,Cashier’s checks, money order or Pay-Pal will be accepted by Abussuan Music and Arts Festival.

You may mail or hand deliver to:  2904 West 129th Place, Gardena, California 90249.Applicants who cancel before August 30, 2021 will be refunded 40% of their fee. There will be NO Refunds after August 30, 2021.


     1) All booth spaces are assigned by the producers and will conform to the footprint allocated by the Producers. NO EXCEPTIONS.

     2) THIS IS AN OUTDOOR EVENT. Vendors are welcome to bring their own tables and chairs to fit the Assigned booth spaces. Producers will provide tables and chairs upon request when submitting the application.

     3) SET-Up early Saturday, September 29, 2021 at 7:00 A.M.

    4) Vendors must have their displays open and ready for the public at 10:00 A.M. Items must be Stored out of sight when booth is closed.

      5) Vendors are responsible for providing relief personnel to maintain their booth.

Restrictions: “ABUSSUAN” will be sole vendor of water and beverages, to raise funds and cover expenses of              

  Producing the event.  

  1. Beverages can ONLY be sold with approval from “ABUSSUAN”.  
  2. No food items can be sold, except by approved FOOD VENDORS participating in the festival.
  3. All items for sale must be listed on the application to be approved.
  4. No changing, swapping or subletting spaces. (Sharing booth fee is $285.00)
  5. No amplified music.
  6. No selling outside of your assigned booth.
  7. No politically, racially charged or offensive materials can be displayed or sold.
  8. No burning incense, sage or other aromatics.
  9. No refund for cancellation after August 30, 2021. Applicants who cancel before

          August 30, 2021 will be refunded 40% of their fee.

  1. 3. Seller’s responsibility:All vendors are responsible for their own permits and taxes.
  1. Liability Each Vendor exhibits all works at his/ her own risk. If insurance is desired, it must be arranged and purchased by the Vendor. The producers assume NO liability for loss, damage, theft of work or


  1. Penalties:The Producers reserve the right to ask for the removal of any items in violation of the rules and Regulations listed herein; and to prohibit any Vendor from opening his/her booth late. Such an occurrence may result in loss of all fees (NO REFUNDS), in addition to removal from the premises Abussuan Music and Arts Festival : 2904 West 129th Place, Gardena, California 90249

(310) 329-6977-  (323) 356-9063 – fax (310) 817-4762

APPLICATION # 2 for participants for both (2) dates or events:

Exposition Park (Venue)                                                                        

Los Angeles, California                                                                          

700 Exposition Drive                                                              

Los Angeles, California 90037 USA.                                                                                           

NB: (This is the price change for 2 Days Event Participants, the application should be identical to application # 1 with the exception that the fees are doubled.)

2 Days Event $375.00 for General and $500.00 for Vendors

  • Fine Artists, Fashion designers 2 Days $375.00   Sharing: $425.00
  • Jewelry, Craft Vendors                                    1 Day   $200.00

   Food Vendors make sure you are in full compliance with ALL Health Department

   Rules and Regulations: $500.00

  Corporate Vendors: $2,500.00

  Non -Profit/Information Table: $200.00