Presenting sponsors: $  100,000 USD

Your presenting sponsorship position will be included in all media (Radio,Tv,Print and social media).
Custom in- Store consumer sweepstakes: Enter to win VIP seating at ABUSSUAN by offer to your consumers a chance to attend this ground breaking global world music experience. This drives traffic to your locations.
Website tie-in: Your logo with direct link to your company website will be prominently featured on
  • 20 VIP tickets to all associate ABUSSUAN events: These tickets are your personal comps. They are important tools in building your business and cementing relationships that can be used as store incentives.
  • Newspaper logo: Ad campaign in the Los Angeles Sentinel and the area’s relevant cultural and music publications. Your company logo will be prominent on all print media.
  • Social media: Your company position as presenting sponsor is underscored on ABUSSUAN Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Platforms: Company special offers can be featured in select status updates.
  • Grassroots promotional collateral: Company logo will also be presented on all flyers, posters and press releases..
  • Prominent top-line logo placement on stage: This is the direct consumer access that companies increasingly demand. It’s a captive audience with your brand image hitting them square in the face, hour of gross impressions while consumers have a great time.
  • Prominent venue signage:
  • VIP access to Abussuan Red Carpet, Awards, endorsement, recognition ceremony and Intl fashion runaway.
  • VIP access to Abussuan Gala Dinner.
  • VIP access to Abussuan After Party.

For Sponsorship Inquiries Contact

  Abussuan music and arts festival
World  Headquarters:
           Make all payments payable to  Abussuan music and arts festival
International Clients correspond ahead for
Wiring instructions and certified funds transmissions .



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