September 27- October 4 2021.


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As a sponsor of ABUSSUAN MUSIC & ARTS FESTIVAL, HOLLYWOOD BIGGEST NIGHT and The ABUSSUAN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS FORUM(AIBF), your organization will realize tangible marketing benefits, shared media and promotions, and experiential opportunities to interact with our festival and the international Business Forum attendees.  Your level of participation and investment is customizable as we want every experience with our attendees to be unique and memorable.

Sponsorship opportunities to partner with Los Angeles largest music festival and the INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS  FORUM begin with different level with benefits increasing as the level of sponsorship increases. Regardless of the sponsorship level, you select which include Presenting, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Associate, and Patron, the Music festival’s and Business Forum staff will be pleased to work with you in creating an integrated sponsorship program designed to meet your organization’s unique marketing objectives. We are here to customize options and experiences to your needs.

Our intimate environment makes us the ideal partner in reaching your audience on a more personal level than organizations experience with typical sponsorship endeavors. The producers of ABUSSUAN MUSIC & ARTS FESTIVAL embrace an approach to crafting a tailored brand experience for our brands with festival assets and programs.  Shared media and advertising throughout the year will also help to promote the brand leading up to the event.

We’re Prosperous, Dynamic, and a growing festival  in every aspect of its operations, including ticket sales, attendance, corporate sponsorships and individual giving. 2021 attendance is projected at 10,000 + over the weekend. ABUSSUAN provides an environment where brands can create deep and meaningful interactions with consumers. The festival environment has become one of the best places for brands to place themselves. Festival-goers understand that events need partners and so they expect to see sponsors.  Festival-goers, in turn, support those sponsors who help bring them the experiences they are seeking.  In an age of shrinking budgets and failing festivals, our team continues to grow and has staged a unique event that is consistently recognized by media companies and fans across the country.

SPONSORSHIP September 27th, 2021
Las Vegas Business Forum
September 27th, 2021